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Getting Started

Plan Your Trip

Every trip has a beginning and ending, and going Metro is no different. So the first step is to decide on your starting point, your destination, and the day and time you want to travel.

Then just enter that information in the Metro Trip Planner, and you’ll get a customized itinerary in seconds, telling you what line to take, where to catch it, where to exit and what it costs.


TIP: Most bus and rail lines start around 4am and keep running past midnight, but they’re less frequent in the evening, so be sure to plan your return trip before you go.


If you want extra detail, you can:

  • Check our Timetables for detailed route and schedule information on each line
  • View our Maps for a more geographic look at the system
  • Refer to our Destination Guides for the proximity of major attractions to select bus and rail lines

Have questions or need more help? Speak to one of our Customer Information Agents by calling 323.GO.METRO (323.466.3876) are available 6:30am - 7pm (Monday - Friday) and 8:00am - 4:30pm (Saturday/Sunday). Please note that you may have to wait for the next available agent.


TIP: The shortest wait time for Customer Information Agents is usually between 11am and 3pm on weekdays, and between 10am and 3pm on weekends.

Pay Your Fare

Pay Your Fare

Metro’s base fare is $1.50. You can pay cash each time you board a Metro bus (bus operators don't carry change, so you'll need exact fare) or buy and add value to a reusable TAP card from TAP vending machines at Metro Rail or Metro Orange Line stations.

Reduced cash fares are available for senior and disabled riders with valid proof of status.


TIP: Two children under age 5 may travel free with each fare-paying adult on bus or rail.


If you’re going to be a frequent rider, a Monthly or Weekly Pass may be your best value. There are several types of Reduced Fare Passes for student, senior and disabled riders as well; a Day Pass is also available. All are sold on stored value cards called TAP cards at hundreds of locations throughout the county.


TIP: If you're getting on a Metro bus with a pre-paid pass or stored value on a TAP card, simply tap it on the farebox's TAP target as you board. On Metro Rail lines and the Metro Orange Line, you need to tap your card on the turnstile or station validator as you enter the station.


Hop on Board

Hop on Board

Congratulations, you’re on your way! No traffic to fight, no parking hassles – it’s time to enjoy the ride. Now here are some ways to make your trip even better:

On a Metro Bus

  • Watch for your destination. About one block before your stop, press the STOP button or pull the cord between the windows to signal the operator to let you off.
  • Check to be sure you have all your belongings before you leave.
  • Exit through the rear doors whenever possible; it speeds up boarding for new passengers.
  • If you happen to drop something when exiting, leave it on the ground until the bus drives away.

On Metro Rail

  • Grab the handrails for stability if standing or moving around the train car.
  • Use the overhead maps to help you watch for your station.
  • Check to be sure you have all your belongings.
  • Be ready to exit when your stop is approaching.

General Safety

  • Never run after or next to a moving bus or train.
  • Always stand back from the curb or platform edge.
  • Hold onto your child when a train or bus approaches.
  • Offer priority seating to senior/disabled riders.

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